Campbell County, Kentucky

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Blight Complaints

Campbell County Code Enforcement is the office charged with enforcing the County Blight Ordinance O-10-97. Blight is any item ‘dilapidated’ or ‘discarded’ on public or private property viewable from a right of way or neighboring property

If you believe a violation exists in Campbell County, please contact Code Enforcement at, call 859-547-1869, or submit an inquiry by clicking here

Trash Laws/Illegal Burning

In Kentucky, it is never legal to burn household trash other than uncoated paper products. Aerosol cans, plastic, tires, food waste, coated wire, motor oil, painted or treated lumber, and many other materials create toxic fumes and ash that are hazardous to human health and the environment. Children, the elderly and those with existing health problems are particularly vulnerable to smoke from open burning. To learn before you burn, or to report an illegal open burn, call the Division of Air Quality at 502-782-6592, or e-mail

Campbell County Ordinances

Please click here and review Title V Public Works, for ordinances relating to solid waste in Campbell County.