Campbell County, Kentucky

Welcome to the official website of Campbell County, Kentucky!

We provide building permits and inspections to the unincorporated regions of Campbell County. Our department also provides some services to select area cities as indicated here.

Listed below are Building Permit Applications, Handouts and information on the Fee Schedule, provided by the Planning, Zoning & Building Inspections Department.

      Building Permit Handouts

      Fee Schedule

      Building Permit Applications

      Miscellaneous Building Permit Application
      Residential Building Permit Application
      Encroachment Permit Application
      Electrical Permit Application
      Affidavit for Homeowners Electric
      HVAC Residential Application
      HVAC Commercial and Multi Family Application
      Affidavit for Homeowners HVAC Installation
      Swimming Pool Permit Application
      Demolition Permit Application
      Commercial and Multi Family Building Permit Application
      HVAC Formal Consumer Complaint
      Temporary Structure Permit