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ERI - Search Management Training

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Event Date:

September 17, 2022 at 08:00 AM with no specific end time
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Event Location:

Campbell County Fire Training Center
10 Training Center Dr
Highland Heights, KY 41076
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Event Description:

Course Description
This twenty (20) hour course meets the minimum search management training requirement specified in 106 KAR 1:390 for local search and rescue coordinators. The class is designed for individuals responsible for investigating reports of lost or overdue individuals, and for initiating appropriate search responses. It is designed to provide a systematic and logical method whereby incident commanders and managers are able to make rapid decisions on tactics and the application of resources.

Class will begin at 8:00 AM EST and end at 5:00 PM EST each day.

Student Criteria
This course is open to all Emergency Management, Rescue, Fire, Emergency Medical, and Law
Enforcement personnel or any organization having responsibility for searching for missing or lost persons. Pre-requisite for this course is completion of the twenty (20) hour Basic Search and Rescue Course (BSAR). A copy of your BSAR course completion certificate must be provided before the class. Please reference your last name and which course you are registering for, then scan and email a PDF copy of the certificate to the POC listed below.

Special Notes
Advance student registration is REQUIRED and minimum of (20) registrants must be received by September 10th, 2022 in order to participate in this course. You are considered accepted as a student in this class upon receipt of your registration application by this office and will receive an email confirmation to acknowledge registration. Meals, lodging, and travel expenses are the responsibility of the student and will NOT be reimbursed by KYEM unless otherwise noted. COVID-19 mitigation efforts such as social distancing, monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms, sanitizing and hand washing remain in effect regardless of vaccination status. No student will be permitted to attend class if they have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms per CDC and State guidelines.

Registration application for the course can be completed using the following link:

Click on register and please list your name as you would like it on the certificate of completion. Students will be notified if the course is cancelled. For this reason, it is imperative that you provide accurate contact information.

For more information, contact:
James E. Sparks, CKEM , Deputy Director of Operations & SAR Coordinator