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Campbell County Changes Outdoor Warning Siren Test


Campbell County Office of Emergency Management
P.O. Box 153
Alexandria, KY  41001

For more information contact:
William R. Turner, Director


Alexandria, KY — January 26, 2022   —  Starting in March 2022 the Campbell County Outdoor Warning Sirens will only be sound tested annually during the Annual Kentucky Statewide Tornado Drill. During the annual drill, all sirens will be sounded at full volume for five minutes, this drill will be widely advertised. In addition to the full-scale drill, the sirens will now undergo daily silent tests but will not be sounded on the first Wednesday of each month.  

William Ray Turner, director of the Campbell County Office of Emergency Management explained the reason for this change. One is Federal Signal who is the manufacturer of the sirens have recommended it, two is testing the sirens (especially those that rotate) in cold weather causes damage and repair cost, and three is that sirens are remotely silent tested every morning at 8:00 AM. Turner said, “We also feel setting off the sirens clearly causes some people great anxiety when they don’t hear them or for some when they do hear them. We also expect that if people don’t hear them every month when they do hear them maybe they will pause and think “Why am I hearing a siren and will seek shelter”.