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Request Vacation House Check

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The Campbell County Police Department provides a free residential security check for residents of the unincorporated areas when away on vacation. Once per shift, an Officer will inspect the residence for unlocked or damaged windows or doors, any evidence of forced entry or other suspicious activity.

To Enroll in the Free Vacation House Check Program:

Please complete the form below or call the CCPD at 859-547-3100 or you may submit the Vacation Notice Form and return using one of these methods:

  1. Fax to: 859-547-3129
  2. Mail to: Campbell County Police Department
    P.O. Box 6
    Alexandria, KY 41001-0006
    (Must be mailed at least one week in advance.)
  3. Hand Deliver to: Campbell County Police Department
    8774 Constable Drive
    Alexandria, KY 41001-0006

In the event you have questions about the program, please contact the Police Department at 859-547-3100.

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