Campbell County, Kentucky

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Program Information

Campbell County’s Trash for Cash Program is a fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations based in Campbell County. Beginning April 1 each year, groups are assigned a program slot on a first come, first serve-basis. Applications are accepted until all available slots are filled.

Upon acceptance into the program, the Solid Waste Coordinator will assign your group a clean-up date based on the preferences listed in your application. Each group can perform a clean-up of up to 10 lane miles (5 miles, both sides of the road) at $100 per mile. Each group leader is responsible for turning in all liability waivers prior to the group’s assigned clean-up date.

Groups that share the same tax EIN (Employer Identification Number) are limited to a total of three clean-ups, or up to $3,000 per year. If there are more than three interested groups per tax EIN, the first three groups to apply will be awarded a slot, while any subsequent groups will be placed on a waitlist.  Example: "School A" baseball team, "School A" basketball team, and “School A” soccer team can each be eligible for a 10 mile clean-up at $100/mile, but if “School A” academic team also applies, the first three groups to apply will be awarded a slot, and the fourth group will be placed on a waiting list.

Application Information

Applications must be completed online. 

Applications will be reviewed and clean-up event dates will be assigned by May 1. Please note, the number of available slots is dependent on funding.

Most questions can be answered in the application instructions; however, if you have questions, you may direct them to or call (859)547–1873.

Trash for Cash Application

The 2021 trash for cash application is now active.

Trash for Cash Closeout Documents

Closeout documents and returned program supplies are due by 10AM on the Tuesday following your group’s cleanup event.