Campbell County, Kentucky

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Understanding Outdoor Warning Sirens

The Campbell County Office of Emergency Management in cooperation with Campbell County Dispatch coordinate the "Outdoor Siren Warning System." These sirens are most commonly used to alert citizens of the issuance of a Tornado Warning by the National Weather Service. However, these sirens may also be used to alert citizens to hazardous materials releases or other situations requiring immediate notification and warning.

When You Hear A Siren

A steady three-minute tone indicates that the Outdoor Siren Warning System has been activated to notify and warn citizens that an emergency exists. Upon hearing the siren, citizens should immediately tune to local television and radio to learn the specifics of the civil emergency and what actions should be taken. Citizens should be aware that some local fire department do use their outdoor siren to alert firefighters of emergency calls. The tone used to alert firefighters is a wavering three to five-minute tone. 

Locations of Campbell County Warning Sirens
Campbell County Warning Sirens are located throughout the community.

Report a Siren Outage