Campbell County, Kentucky

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Submission of Collision Reports:

Kentucky law requires that all collisions be reported. In lieu of filing a collision report through a Kentucky law enforcement agency, a citizen may elect to submit a Commonwealth of Kentucky Civilian Traffic Collision Report instead. The link to Kentucky State Police Civilian Collision Report below will direct you to a version of the collision report along with the submission instructions.

Obtaining Collision Reports:

Collision reports are only available for involved parties (see definition below) via online access, or in person at the police department, three to five business days after your collision. Collision reports obtained at the police department are provided at a cost of $5.00, payable by check or cash. All persons are encouraged to call the CCPD, at 859-547-3100, in advance to confirm availability.

Collision reports are also available online at a cost of $10.00 through To obtain a report through BuyCrash, you will need to provide the state, date, an involved parties name, reporting agency, and either your driver’s license number, the officer’s badge number, or your collision report number.

Involved parties include:

  • Insurance Companies Representing Affected Vehicles
  • The Drivers or Owners of the Vehicles Involved
  • Property Owners whose Property was Damaged in the Collision
  • Parents of Minor Children Involved
  • Attorney’s Representing the Involved Parties

Kentucky State Police Civilian Collision Report Form